Our Philosophy


The Service Party (TSP) Philosophy

Kenya is well endowed with natural resources, strategically located and enjoys a respected, well-educated and hardworking people. It also has one of the most progressive constitutions in world, which, well-implemented can positively transform our country.

Over the years, its various administrations have had mixed success in transforming our country for the greater good. To deal with the vexing problems of inequality, misuse of public resources, weak respect of the rule of law, poverty other among development challenges, TSP needs a grassroots and national political leadership that is authentic (delivers what it promises) and grounded in pursuit of meaningful empowerment of the people.

TSP is therefore established as a national grassroots party (one that organizes people in a particular ward, sector, community or region as the basis of its political work) to provide political leadership and harness influence that is exercised for the common good and attainment of social justice and inclusivity.

TSP believes that good, committed and vision-led leadership can make a difference in and for our communities.  At the heart of our commitment to Kenyans is the pursuit of social justice and human dignity for all.

TSP further believes that government has responsibility to provide a range of social and economic services that continuously improve well-being and equality across society with particular concern for the most disadvantaged;  That public institutions should serve the common interests of the people with accountability and transparency.

In this regard, TSP seeks to provide a platform to Kenyans that represents, articulates and serves the interests of Kenyans who often feel disillusioned with big man/party politics that are often about established political players’ interests. Genuine participation in this kind of environment often feels constrained and sometimes even alienating.


TSP is determined to be a voice of reason at all levels of government in the understanding that everyone deserves the opportunity to influence governmental decisions in the interest of the overall well-being of their communities to achieve social justice, respect for the rule of law, good governance and effective delivery of service to the public.

To do this, TSP seeks and will continue seeking to mobilize voice that can be vibrant in animating citizens’ genuine needs, those that can impact house-hold level well-being through our signature community listening tours/engagements. Listening tours are expected to facilitate the establishment of conditions that perpetually push TSP’s leadership in the direction of achieving a people-centered approach in all its political endeavours.

TSP will be a voice not for politicking but a voice boldly, tirelessly, and unapologetically addressing the issues that first and foremost impact house-holds communities and country.

Getting TSP heard where and when it matters if outside of government, is and will be our biggest preoccupation in the governance of this country. In government, TSP will use its people-centered approach as a planning approach to ensure sustainable protection of peoples livelihoods, well-being, inclusivity and human dignity inform government interventions.

TSP shall therefore seek leadership and influence in all spheres of life – community, education, social groups, trade associations, business and politics with a view to building an enduring party that is purpose driven, as opposed to being a vehicle for/of political convenience.

With singular determination, the TSP’s mission shall be to continuously create long-term value for our people, especially those most disadvantaged in order to address both systemic and emerging inequalities that are a source of indignity to households, communities and the larger society.

Consequently and in the spirit of devolution, and in the believe that all politics is local,  TSP believes that decisions made closest to the people provide the greatest possibility of ensuring that they are most meaningful and dynamic enough to achieve shared value intended by any development intervention. We shall seek to have increased public resources moved to this level of development and utilized accountably in the interest of the common good.

We shall therefore provide issue-based leadership aimed at effecting change in particular sectors  and processes ensuring that there is delivery of the basics of life to Kenyans at the lowest point of service – community level. At this level, issues are personal, value-oriented and can be organized to create durable outcomes in the believe that strong communities are best suited move the most heart-felt issues in the direction of most optimal outcome. Are house-holds food sufficient first and foremost? Is agriculture getting the attention it deserves in terms of budgetary provisions in areas that create real incomes for our people? Are the small traders facilitated with the necessary infrastructure in the markets where they trade? Do Kenyans living in informal settlements have access to services that enable them live in dignity?

Through continuous listening tours and engagements with the people, TSP will identify and prioritize the key drivers of change at various levels leading up to the Party’s manifesto.

TSP shall therefore ensure it has a clear position on each of the following issues that we believe will drive the transformation Kenyans desire:

  1. Increased resourcing of devolved units
  2. Equality of the vote
  3. Priority expenditure in:
    1. Agriculture
    2. Health care
    3. Domestic and irrigation water
    4. Small businesses (access to affordable credit and conducive business environment)
    5. Industrialization, starting with cottage industries driven by the ubiquitous SMEs
    6. Infrastructure
    7. Security


Think possibilities – Think TSP.