Get Involved


Political representation is intimately linked to political parties and their capacity to effectively represent the different sections of society. This capacity derives from a party’s ability to mobilize and keep an engaged membership. To a large extent, the quality of this engagement defines the quality of any Democracy.

There is a compelling case for staying engaged with your political party of choice. For TSP Party, the leadership commits to harness and represent your interests. Our platforms for engagement offer you the means to voice your interests. This way, we are able to gather political ideas from you in order to keep our party relevant and legitimate.

By joining TSP Party  through any of our categories of membership, you become part of our national grassroots movement that will support the change/agenda that TSP stands for.

To make it easy for you to engage, we have digitized our membership engagement platform.
We invite you to join any of the following categories of membership that create a spectrum of options for your engagement that should suit your time and resource availability:

ORDINARY MEMBER - Any person who has registered as a TSP Party Member

This member has voting rights during party primaries at their Branch level and can participate in the activities of their Branch. If elected to specific positions, this member becomes part of the highest decision-making organ of the party – the National Delegates Conference and can run on the party’s electoral ticket for elections that they qualify for.
Such member may pay for their membership at *Ksh 10/= and must be on the Party’s Membership Register

*It’s FREE to register in this category for now


Such a member must create a profile on the Party’s Membership Platform to access certain party information.
She/he contributes ideas on such platforms and may receive party information. Such a member agrees to be an ambassador, receives content and instructions for posting it online. An Ambassador MUST  however be a Member of the Party.


Sustaining a party to be an effective player in any electoral and democratic processes requires committed membership that funds the recurrent
and programmatic activities of the party.
Sustaining Member contributes a pre-determined amount of money on an annual basis. It is however understood that such members do not always have the time to stay actively engaged in party activities. Sustaining Members have the right to participate in TSP Forums where ideas that inform the party’s manifesto and programs are agreed to before ratification by the National Delegates Conference.
They are also considered as Life Members of the party.
Categories of Sustaining Member include:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Silver
  • Bronze


This is a member who has played an exceptional role in the founding and sustenance of the party and makes the commitment to not only sustain the
party but also play a high-level advisory and outreach role. She/he is confirmed as a Super Delegate by the National Governing Council (NGC). A super delegate has the right to attend TSP Forums and the National Delegates Conference.