As a national grassroots Party, the TSP is unequivocal about its stand on the Third Generation Resource Allocation Formula currently battling for survival at the Senate. This formula has nothing to do with Kieleweke, Tanga tanga, or the Handshake, it is about equity and we should never allow politics and selfish interests to override it.

We are aware that before getting to the Senate, extensive consultations, public hearings and professional input under the stewardship of the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) has taken place over the past couple of years, including presentations to Senators at different points during the Formula’s development. It therefore is not a random document.

Hence, we find it is unfortunate that this late in the day, when counties are in dire need of their share of revenue, issues are being raised intended to delay, derail or out-rightly defeat work that has been painstakingly done over a long period to enhance the principle of equitable development in our country.

This is a brand of politics that some people have perfected — blackmail, divide and isolate. Impression is being created to make it look like a certain community is being favoured by this new Formula and that it is their agenda to benefit itself at the exclusion of others. Which is not the case. There are several counties from diverse regions whose revenues are positively impacted.

We are therefore calling on political leaders to be honest. If indeed they support BBI which has promised to send more resources to counties, how then can they create problems around a Formula that is seeking to do the same? Further, if the previous Formulas had omissions or improvements that must be corrected, why must insincere mind games be introduced for political and electoral advantage? It is downright wrong.

On my part as a Party leader, I have in a number of forums in the recent past spoken about this issue of distribution of resources. In one such forum, following careful consultations, on Mt Kenya and Diaspora leaders issued a communique on October 24th, 2019 at Parliament Buildings on BBI. Among the irreducible minimums, we spoke about was the issue of fair distribution of resources.

Given the foregoing, as TSP, we are persuaded that authentic leadership must stand openly, courageously, and strongly to give voice to this issue that speaks to one of the central notions in our Constitution – equity. We stand for equity and people-centered development. A resource allocation formula that is largely people-centered has our support.

We also note the deliberate absence of discussions related to generation of resources, hand in hand with those of resource allocation. As a country, we must learn to hold courageous conversations that have the capacity to transform our country and how we deliver service to our people.

As a service delivery oriented Party, we are committed to equitable, people-centered resource allocation as a major enabler of service delivery. We, therefore, must face issues of systemic discrimination, however unpalatable, with the courage they deserve. The current per capita differentials where one county gets Ksh21,000/= while another gets Ksh3,600/= is simply not fair. Not by any standard.

Our message to the country is therefore that we strongly support the proposed formula as one pathway towards fairer, more equitable distribution of resources in this country. We urge Senators to take a bold stand and support the formula.

Finally, for us, this is an epic debate: It is not the time to be silent, undecided, or absent in expressing a considered position about this Formula. As our symbol depicts, we speak from our hearts.


Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri, EGH, MGH.

TSP Party Leader