Former Lamu West member of parliament Julius Kariuki Ndegwa has ditched Kanu party for TSP, as he gears up to battle it out in the forthcoming general election.

Ndegwa who served in the 11th parliament now joins a growing list of aspirants in the cosmopolitan county of Lamu, who are aligning themselves with The Service Party.

The former legislator was flanked by a delegation of leaders from Lamu led by former Deputy Governor Eric Mugo and Lamu senatorial aspirant Joseph Githuku.

During a welcoming ceremony, The Service Party (TSP) leader Mwangi Kiunjuri cautioned aspirants against being lured into joining political parties blindly, but instead scrutinise the parties’ agenda.

‘’This time we will not vote blindly. We are in agreement that TSP must stand firm. We want members of parliament who have a stand.’’ Kiunjuri said


Kiunjuri said that no aspirant should bank on party euphoria to win an election in Mt. Kenya region.

‘’As TSP we shall fight to ensure that no body is elected through euphoria, in the country and especially the region we dominate. Kiunjuri said

While acknowledging that ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy president William Ruto have launched a spirited campaign to woo Mt. Kenya leaders, Kiunjuri said that any engagement will only be entertained if there is a promise to make the region better economically.

‘’Our partnership will be with the person who gives us the freedom to elect our people, the one who becomes president should no longer make declarations that cannot be challenged by their own members of parliament. Executive have completely overrun the legislature.’’ Kiunjuri said


The defection comes days after ODM leader Raila Odinga and deputy president William Ruto toured the region to popularise their parties.