Press Statement by The Service Party (TSP) on Party Leadership and state Politics


                                        June 2nd, 2021 at Party Headquarters, Nairobi


Welcome to this Press Conference ladies and gentlemen.


In three days’ time on June 5th, The Service Party (TSP) will be exactly one year old since we became fully registered by the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties. As the leadership and members, we are proud of the growth and the presence we have established in that one year.


Today, we have had a meeting of the National Governing Council preceding one with our aspirants for parliamentary and governorship positions from 18 counties. Our deliberations have dwelt on our preparedness for the 2022 General Elections, acceleration of recruitment of party members and strong aspirants, a range of issues that will likely define the political landscape of Kenya in the coming months.


First, we would like to reiterate that TSP is a national grassroot party whose leadership and spread are testimony of the face of Kenya. For the last couple of months, TSP has been conducting member recruitments drive which has received tremendous support across the country and our numbers have grown in leaps and bounds. We once again thank Kenyans for their warmth and enthusiastic support.


With this support, our determination to continue building a formidable party is bearing fruit. And our membership and leadership is increasingly clear about its place and position both in Mt Kenya politics and in the country at large.


Mt. Kenya Unity


The Service Party is troubled by the growing East vs West political battle in Mt. Kenya region. Whereas the party supports divergent opinions from all political fronts, the current trend is a ticking time bomb to our unity, significantly dent our bargaining power. Our unity as a region is our strength.


The Service Party appeals to leaders from Mt. Kenya to form a front through which they can negotiate for the interest of the people. Even though we may differ politically, our people and their interests are supreme. We must not let any artificial divisions side  track us.


As a party, we will continue to unite Mt. Kenya region right from the grassroots. Our resolve is unstoppable. Our priority as a region should not be about who is best suited to speak on behalf of the community, but how to ensure that our people have money in their pockets. This can only be achieved if we prioritise putting in place strategies which will assist our farmers improve the quality of their farm produce, boost their businesses, a robust national discussion on how resources shall be generated just to mention but a few. Consequently, our message to Mt Kenya is this:


  • As we tout our numbers, we must recognize that strength can only be in unity. The minute we entertain divides of all kinds we lose our ability to make our votes count. That is not how elections are won neither is it an effective way of strengthening our ability to make the demands that we must make to those canvassing our support.


  • We recognize the very concerted efforts being made to win over the Mt Kenya vote. TSP’s position is that it must be the leadership and people of Mt Kenya making demands from those seeking our support and not vice versa. It will not be acceptable for other leaders to dictate what Mt. Kenya can or cannot get in establishing the next government or in prioritizing the concerns and aspirations of our people. We shall not be taken for granted.


  • As TSP We are in this for the long haul. We are investing energy and resources in building a strong political party which will never be folded, a party that will grow and nurture trusted leaders.


Going forward therefore we reiterate the following:


Every political party has a right to field candidates wherever it desires in the country. We do however know that Kenya’s politics have become coalition politics. Unless such arrangements are properly made and communicated by our Party organs,  The Service Party will field candidates across the country without fear.




Finally, ladies and gentlemen, in order to strengthen our party’s leadership as we approach the General Elections, the National Governing Council which met this morning has endorsed Dr. Mwenda Makathimo as Party’s Secretary General and Dr Elianas Barua as his Deputy.


Dr. Makathimo is a renown land expert, who hails from Central Imenti, Meru County, and brings a world of experience in leadership. He is passionate about development programmes aimed at improving livelihoods through sustainable land and natural resources management


He has a wide experience on issues relating to environmental management, policy development, land management and administration, land and urban economics, governance, assets and property valuation, real estate management boundary delimitation and mapping.


Daktari holds a bachelors of Arts degree in Land Economics, a Masters of Arts in Valuation and property Management and a Doctorate in Environmental Policy from the University of Nairobi.


Dr. Makathimo will therefore be the Party’s spokesperson.


Dr Barua is a member of The Service Party who hails from Gichugu, Kirinyaga county. He served as the member of the 11th parliament representing Gichugu constituency.


In the National Assembly, Njogu Barua is a member of Public Investments Committee and also Departmental Committee on Environment and National Resources from March 2013


He was a student of International Certificate in Environmental Education at Rhodes University, South Africa and did his Masters in Entrepreneurship  at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).