TSP has in the recent past called for consensus building on the BBI before heading to the referendum.


We take note that there are meeting going on with the BBI partners with different communities of interest and groups seeking to have their issues accommodated. That should be encouraged.


However, for consensus to be achieved, it is only fair that others who have different issues of interest are accorded similar opportunity. There should not be selective inclusion and skewed invitations. Some sections of the Rift Valley and Mt Kenya are not being invited are largely being treated as complainants.


This notwithstanding,  we too have weighty issues. TSP holds that there are certain irreducible minimums that must remain intact for the objectives of the BBI to be achieved. For us, the first two issues should not be amended without broad consensus:


  • Sections providing for the equality of the vote and representation (Art 11 of the Proposed Constitution of Kenya (Amendments) 2020 Bill;


  • Sections relating equity of resource allocation Art 44 (a) of the Proposed Constitution of Kenya (Amendments) Bill 2020 that introduces a cap to ensure that the average amount of money allocated to a person in a county with the highest allocation does not exceed three times the average amount per person allocated to a county with the lowest allocation and,


  • As consultations for enhancing continue, TSP reiterates its demand for inclusion of a provision for Guaranteed Minimum Returns for our farmers and further that 10% of our country’s public budget is allocated to agriculture to take care of farmers, livestock keepers and fisherfolk.


We too represent a community of interest and groups that should be heard.



Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri

Party Leader