The Service Party (TSP) leader Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri has asked for the return of Kenya Police Reservists in the volatile Laikipia region, following a spate of banditry attacks.

Kiunjuri who is the former MP for Laikipia East says that the presence of law enforcement officials in the region has not scared the bandits, adding that arming KPR would be the best strategy to apply in cubbing the attacks.


‘’When we had our home guards, there were no cases of attack, this is because no police office would agree to enter into a forest to face the attackers, but these home guards can’’ Said Kiunjuri.


The TSP leader expressed his concerns that cases of attack have increased just days after Kenya Defence Forces officers were deployed to calm the situation, further calling for questioning of politicians suspected to be fuelling the attacks.

‘’ How comes serikali iko na mkono mrefu na bado haijaprosecute anybody. Kumekuwa na pattern ya wizi kutoka zamani, serikali imekuwa ikiangalia movement ya hawa watu..what is this that the government know that we don’t. ‘’ said Kiunjuri


A total of 12 people have now been killed in the region over the last three weeks following a wave of banditry attacks. Kiunjuri is however pleading with residents not to flee their homes as the situation is being addressed.


‘’tumekuwa IDPs katika mashamba yetu. But we are saying is that we shall not move out of Laikipia, unless we are going to heaven.’’ Kiunjuri said


Dozens have so far fled their homes in search of safer grounds.